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24/08/2018: The expansion of our Geneva Office was introduced earlier this month replacing our Bucharest OTP Airport operation. Later this October we shall also be opening our "N reg and Aircraft Leasing" Division in Jersey, Channel Islands.


06/07/2018: We have a number of aircraft available on brokerage for short and long term leases, all insured and ready to fly. From as small as a Cessna 208 to as large as a  Boeing 737, we have a aircraft to suit your needs. Visit our aircraft leasing page under services for more information and current availability. Worldwide positioning and crew services also available by seperate request.


09/09/2017: If your aircraft is being ferried by Sky Ferry on a long haul ferry such as a Transatlantic or Transpacific ferry flight, then note we offer FREE N reg trustee setup and FREE life-time trust services with no annual renewal fee for the duration you keep the aircraft, be that 5 months or 50 years! The savings are clear as day to see! 


15/06/2016: After 10 + years of happy service and operations in Florida we have now relocated our US operations due to continued growth to Wilmington, New Castle Country, Delaware, USA.


19/05/2016: Jon Hilton has set off on his around the World trip earlier last week in his CTSW and has made it as far as Egypt, due to various aircraft issues including overheating Jon has elected to continue the trip later in the year when the conditions are more suitable. We as always are supporting Jon all the way. Donations can be made for his nominated charity via the Just Giving website. (Update 15/06/2016: Jon made it as far as Egypt and Jordan, however due to the stress placed on the aircraft and severe heat shall be trying again later this year when the weather is cooler and some aircraft tech issues have been fixed. Sadly the facility in Germany who did some recent repairs to his aircraft did not do a rather good job and now these Gremlins have returned and need to be addressed).


10/02/2016: Sky Ferry is pleased to announce the delivery of 5 Piper Meridians over the next 9 months from the USA to Switzerland. The aircraft will be used for a new air taxi/group formation in which frequent travellers and businessmen will be able to purchase equity shares. The first two Delivery's are scheduled for Mid April 2016.


23/12/2015: Global Trek Aviation of Belfast Northern Ireland. Our preferred Handling partner for North Atlantic Ferry Flights. T1 Customs appoved, best rates for JET-A and Avgas, Survival Equipment rentals, Catering and more. Take a look at our Links section on our contact page for more information. Your one stop FBO for flights entering Europe from the USA or your last stop before going Westbound.


December 2015: Celebrating 10 years in business with over 250 long haul Delivery flights to date.


Latest News, October 2015: Farewell France, hello Switzerland. Our new Office at Geneva Airport has now opened. We will be keeping the same French number for some months until setting up a new Swiss number within our office.


Latest News, July 2015: 

15/07/2015: Sky Ferry is proudly supporting the FARA Charity in Romania which helps build better life's for some of Romanias poorest Children and their familys. Make a Donation and help this Charity continue. Furthermore Robert plans to walk the below in October 2015 to raise extra funding, some 1,238Km from Paris over 28 days.

One of the many pretty churches on El Camino

El Camino de Santiago


Latest News, December 2014:

01/12/2014: Our recent further development has allowed us to expand to Romania, where our new Flight Planning and Overflight permit headquarters are based operating 24/7/365. The recent growth and expansion of our Flight Planning department has warranted another office, the employment of additional flight dispatch staff and working with local aviation business providers in assisting their logistical requirements. We are also pleased to be managing a number of regionally based corporate aircraft and we can assist you with your aircraft management needs. Contact us for more information or to discuss your needs.


Latest News, August 2014: 

04/08/2014: Sky Ferry's flight Planning department has really taken off! In early 2014 significant investment and additional effort was put towards the expansion of this service. We have our very own in house flight planning officer providing: Overflight Permits, Flight Planning, Weather Briefings, Flight Plans and general 24/7/365 flight support services including fuel releases and more. Contact us for a free no obligation request. We already have a number of established and ongoing clients, testimonials and recent examples of work are available on request. Fair pricing, honest service - why pay more???


Latest News, July 2014:

30/06/2014: Robert Weaver, SkyFerry and team land another major contract delivering multiple training aircraft from the USA to Panama and other South American destinations. Our first five PA28 Warriors and two PA34 Senecas of the first order batch are due to leave next week!


Latest News, May, 2014: 

08/05/2014: Robert Weaver, SkyFerry and his pal Alex have arrived in Jersey. We will be walking around the Island Friday and Saturday via the coastal route which is over 50 miles / 2days to raise funds for the Channel Islands Air Rescue and the Lions Pride appeal. Further more we will be camping, with a wet weekend forecast it will be a long few days fighting the elements. Please help support them by giving donations directly to: or by visiting

Sponsor us, payment ref: Sky Ferry, Island Walk


20/02/2014: WE ARE HIRING! Overflight agent wanted for securing international overflight and landing permits. Part time position: 15-20hours per week. Previous experience in this field required.


08/02/2014: Sky Ferry advance in their legal against Internet Brands. More to follow


07/02/2014: We are now on Twitter, click on our contact page and then select the twitter link on the left hand side.


Latest News, November 2013: 5 Cessna 172's delivered from Kansas, USA to Turkey with more orders to follow. Read more on this at:


19/07/2013: We will soon be adding some of our trip reports and videos on to YouTube and Facebook for the publics eyes viewing. Our site shall also soon be available to read in French, German and Russian for those potential clients who's first language is not English.


19/07/2013: Not all "Trips In Progress" on our contact page are shown online, PVT shall indicate that there is no airport ICAO code for flights to or from a private airfield or site, this is main applys to rotary flights.


26/05/2013: Jon Hilton, CTSW, Manchester Barton, UK to Frobisher Bay, Canada and return.
Good luck to you Jon on your epic flight in your CTSW from Manchester to the cold Canadian north. We at Sky Ferry are providing Jon with free flight planning, weather and trip support solutions and will also be doing so for his around the world flight which he plans to compete later this year. Jon is getting valuable experience in North Atlantic operations with guidance from us to ensure his next trip goes to plan as much as possible. These trips are being flown to raise money for a excellent cancer charity, one of which we are proud to contribute to:


20/04/2013: Another busy season is underway. With the continued decrease in the sale of factory new aircraft, used sales are continuing to improve. We can better any "factory" quote by a minimum of 25% on newly purchased aircraft. We will also match or better any realistically priced competing quotation on any delivery. We are also the only ferry firm who provides free conversion training on arrival provided by a qualified instructor. Need to log time to meet insurance requirements, you might even be able to join us on the flight.


12/10/2012: Check out our aircraft sales section, we have two new additions. The first is a lovely Beech Duke and the second just added today, a Britten Norman Islander with motivated sellers!!!


12/08/2012: Due to the lack of enquiries, we have decided to remove our Insurance forwarding services from our website.


07/07/2012: It is our pleasure to be working with a new Eastern European airline setup in the delivery of two Boeing 737-400 Series aircraft. Delivery expected to commence in August.


07/07/2012: Big or small we deliver all. With our experienced King Air, Citation and Boeing/Airbus crews on staff we can take care of your larger movement requirements. Why leave it to overworked airline pilots who contract for companies in their "off time" when you can use a dedicated team of professionals who specialise in ferry flying. We believe the choice is simple. FREE quotes on request.


23/04/2012: Full Aircraft Recovery and Repossession service now available. Is your aircraft at a far away location with a outstanding backlog of money owed? Has your client defaulted on their installments? What ever the situation we can help, contact us for a free no obligation quotation.


21/03/2012: Today marks the day of our 20th aircraft that has been placed in our N reg Trustee Service for owners and operators outside the US who wish to maintain their aircraft on the American register whilst operating outside of the US as a non US citizen, or organisation. Our simple and fair price Trustee services could also be of use to you on your next N reg purchase or registration transfer!


20/02/2012: We are off to pick up a Cessna 208 from South America before taking it over the the U.A.E destined for its new Skydiving home. A full write up is to follow by the school on delivery by the local press. We shall also be donating 5% of our operating profit to a local chartiry in the re-search and development against skin and bowel cancer, of which the club have been supporting for several years. MORE TO FOLLOW.


27/01/2012: Please note that due to website updates are site shall be partly unavailable for a period of 12-24hours. During this time certain pages of the site might be unavailable to view.


27/01/2012: We thank our new clients to be working with "Globe Media" in Thailand on the shipping of two Cessna 172(M) aircraft from Darwin, Australia to Bangkok.


20/11/2011: We are expanding our services and operations and shall be starting yet another operations base in the Philippines in the New Year. More news to follow shortly.


20/11/2011: We are pleased to be using the new Ipad and G795 Aera for flight planning and as a Navigational aid* which is issued to all our crew on all of our ferry flights of which both systems include XM weather, TCAS and synthetic vision. (Not used as or for Primary Navigation*)


20/11/2011: We are pleased to be working with a US approved Pilatus Aircraft broker in the delivery/re- claim of two almost brand new N reg PC12NG Aircraft departing Europe and returning to the US in Mid to Late December of 2011.


19/11/2011: Welcome to the Sky Ferry Website Which is now live; we hope you shall enjoy using our new website. Here you shall be able to obtain our latest news and offers.


19/11/2011: 66Gallon Turtle Pac for sale with Pump and hosings, used once. (24Volt system) $1500 (USD)