2-REG, M-REG, 0% VAT

In December 2013, The State of Guernsey (an island in the English Channel  which is not part of the United Kingdom or the European Union) launched its very own aircraft register. You may be refreshingly surprised to know that the benefits of this register known as the "2 Reg" not only benefits residents of the Channel Islands!


The Benefits of Guernsey Registered Aircraft:


  • High regulatory standards
  • Flexibility of aircraft airworthiness, operating and licensing system – i.e. US/FAA or EASA/JAA validations issued just like in the Isle of Man without the need for additional training or testing.
  • High service levels
  • Wide international ownership eligibility
  • Fractional ownership is permitted though subject to certain restrictions
  • Neutral Nationality registration prefix ‘2-’
  • Registration marks can be recycled on different aircraft
  • The 2- followed by a four letter combination allows significant personalization of the registration markings, i.e. 2-PLAY
  • Competitive scheme of charges
  • No insurance premium tax (6% in UK)
  • European time zone
  • Guernsey is a well respected financial services centre on the OECD ‘white list’
  • Clear and simple taxation regime
  • Stable legal and political environment
  • Guernsey is outside the EU VAT territory and does not have any kind of Goods or Sales Tax (Jersey Residents importing new aircraft will be charged 5% GST by their state; this is not the same as re-registering existing aircraft and the two are not to be confused)


If you need more information, please refer to some of our Q&A's on the left side of the page.

We are not a Channel Island based firm but we can and actively do assist people in changing to the "2-Reg". Under a number of situations you can also "legally" import your aircraft VAT free. Please feel free to contact us for more information on this new service. We can also reserve a four letter personal registration for you, such as 2-BANK (or maybe something more creative or important to you). During your import or registration transfer to Guernsey, we also cover your cost of stay on delivery of the aircraft for import, while you wait for all admin and paperwork. No time or unable to deliver the plane?

We can do that also! Ferry price on request.