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Fuel Accounts, Overflight Permits, Charting, Visa Services, FBO Handling, Planning, Survival Gear Rentals & more.

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If you are flying overseas Sky Ferry will gladly assist you with any flight planning you require for all types of aircraft, from Microflights to commercial jets. We can arrange: flight planning, overflight & landing permits, detailed weather briefings, fuel releases, (100LL & JET-A) hotel and transportation services, Visa documentation and much more as per the detailed list of services below shown under prices.


Do you require overflights or Landing Rights for you next personal, commercial, corporate or governmental flight? Not only can we arrange these but we can also arrange Avgas and Jet-A sourcing outside of the West and find you the best rates. Contact us for your requirements!


We can also provide survival equipment rental from our USA and Europe locations. No deposit is required; however we do require all equipment is returned via courier, recorded delivery.


Prices (based exchange rate at writing)

Approach plates: $10.00 per airport (Worldwide coverage)


Overflights and Permits: Click Here to View (PDF)


Ground Handling: $36.00 per airport


Fuel Releases: At costs plus 5% (No charge with full flight planning service)


Hotel & Transportation arrangements: $29.00 per stop


Flight Planning Service:  Price on request (Includes Charting, Approach Plates, Nav fees and Weather briefs inc NOTAMS)


"Stand Alone" Weather Briefings: $35.00 per sector (Includes METARS/TAFS, NOTAMS, Prog Charts and detailed weather analysis briefings send via Fax or email. These can also be send directly to the crew by SMS/MMS) Please Note: Our full flight planning service includes this service at no extra charge if selected.


Avgas and Jet-A Sourcing: Price on request


EAPIS & CANPASS: $75.00 Per application


ICAO crew validations: P.O.A


Escrow/Title Services: P.O.A


USA overflight Permit: $125.00


Liferaft Rental: $70.00 per day


Survival Suit rental: $40.00 per day


HF Radio Rental & Spot Tracker: $105.00 per day



Our Flight Planning and aircraft operation services are available 24/7/365 with our very own full time dedicated employees. Unlike many flight planning and overflight agents our "Team Member" is a qualified pilot with real world operational experience. Our flight planning team look forward to assisting your operational needs.


We have our very own Flight Planning Office at Geneva Intl, CH, for your flight planning needs. No matter how short notice we can assist you and your operation/flight and ensure that your mission is a total success!

Client credit subject to status and free consultations available to all new clients! We will exceed your expectations or your money back. Simple, honest service by our dedicated team for your peace of mind.


DISCLAIMER: Prices are for information and can be modified at any time. For a binding offer/quotation we kindly ask you to get in touch with our personnel.