Terms & Conditions

Time for the legal stuff: please read it carefully as it is there to protect both you and us in the unlikely event of a dispute. Just like any professional company we want you to know exactly what you are getting, which is why we provide a full contract and copy of our terms and conditions below. A standard copy/template of our "Ferry Flight" contract is also available to view at the bottom of this page.

For the avoidance of doubt the provider "Sky Ferry Aircraft Delivery" shall be known as the "Contractor" and the engaged individual/group or firm entering into any business dealing with the contractor shall be known as the "client".


The Contractor shall provide a separate contract (also known as a "Ferry Flight Contract") which outlines the agreed services to be provided. All contracts will also be supplied with an invoice for the designated amount to include the contractor's banking details. In the event of any dispute over service or contract the client/contractor shall have the right to take the matter to a civil court of law for the purposes of compensation or claim dispute resolutions.  A link/copy of our Terms and Conditions shall also be included within the contract for the client to view at his/her discretion. By the client entering into a contract with the contractor, the contract becomes legally binding after it has been signed by both parties. Refund Policy: In the event of an agreed refund due contract termination, funds remaining on account or any other approved refund request, the contractor shall deposit the agreed rate back to the client within 21 days from the date of agreement.


NOTE: An invoice will not be provided until the contract has been signed by both the contractor and client.


The contractor refuses the right to terminate a provided service as outlined by the contract if he feels any of the conditions listed here-within have been broken. The contractor also reserves the right to make any due amendments in the event that safety of an aircraft or its crew are put at risk. The contractor does not accept any liability for loss or damage to an aircraft, property or persons unless it has been caused by direct negligence of the contractor. The client agrees to hold the contractor harmless of fault in any such situations including Force Majeure, including but not limited to: War, Strike, Terrorism, Negligence or malfeasance by another party or acts of God. 


In the event of a dispute pending legal representation or a designated hearing is subject to the following conditons: Neither the contractor nor the client shall use slanderous or libel actions for the purpose of dispute resolution; any such action shall result in the imposing individual/group/firm to be in direct violation of the contract with grounds for dismissal against the other group. We will actively seek to prosecute and add civil damages to any individual or organization that interferes with the safety of crew and/or aircraft whilst on delivery or in flight. (18 USC, 32, & Section 92 Civil Aviation Act (CAA) 1982) 


Sky Ferry Aircraft Delivery is a US Delaware company with an operational location in New Castle County, Delaware, with a second operational location and office at Geneva International Airport, Switzerland and with a further operational office at Bucharest OTP International airport, Romania. 


The Contents of the Sky Ferry Website are copyright protected, none of the material on this site may be copied or published without the express permission of the director.  The contents of all communications, both verbal and written are strictly private and confidential, and are for the intended recipient only. The copying, editing, publishing or forwarding of any communication or email is strictly prohibited. 



Ferry Flight Contract (Standard Template, click here to view)