N Reg Trust/Trustee

If your aircraft is being ferried by Sky Ferry on a long haul ferry such as a Transatlantic or Transpacific ferry flight, then note we offer FREE N reg trust/trustee setup and FREE life-time trust services with no annual renewal fee for the duration you keep the aircraft, be that 5 months or 50 years! The savings are clear as day to see!


Are you looking at buying an American (N) registered aircraft? The United States has more aircraft manufacturers and available pre-owned aircraft for sale than any other country in the world; add the favourable exchange rate between the GBP/Euro over the USD and it is clear to see that you can get much more for your money.


Keeping your aircraft on N register also allows you to exercise your FAA licenses and ratings on your aircraft in your country of operation; operating costs are also usually cheaper compared with JAR registered aircraft.


Unfortunately to gain ownership and title of an US registered aircraft you must be a US citizen or permanent resident (FAR 47.2). For non US citizens or firms, the easiest way to comply with this law is to employ a US registered trustee to take legal responsibility for their aircraft, whilst they act as the beneficiary. This allows them to own and operate the aircraft; indeed the trustee is just a legal clause to allow them to do this.


We offer you this service which allows you to own and operate your aircraft without violating federal laws. As a reputable and well established ferry firm we can also assist in delivery -  please contact us for a free no obligation quote.


With our legal knowledge and understanding of how to import your aircraft, we keep everything legal whilst complying with federal and local laws. It is vital when selecting a Trustee / Holding service that you use a company that complies with the required regulations. We have seen and continue to see registration certificates revoked and beneficiaries violated; for this reason alone don't leave it to "Uncle Sam" to look after your asset but use a dependable and protected (Ltd or LLC) registered Trustee/Holding firm such as Sky Ferry.

Hot Topic Questions

Q: Can I transfer the title when I sell my aircraft?
A: Yes, we charge 500USD for this service unless stated otherwise.

Q: I have a US friend / family member, can they act as Trustee?
A: Remember we act as a legally bound Trustee; is your acting friend or family member protected against limited liability, also do they have in depth legal knowledge, and finally are you willing to take that risk with your investment?