The Team


Our team consists of a number of highly skilled individuals and we employ some of the best ferry pilots in the industury who are both JAR and FAA rated to do our ferry trips. All of the pilots are insurance company approved, that by itself means that the pilot will have the neccessary ratings and experience to fly the type of aircraft safely on the proposed route and will ensure the application of care and attention to detail to ensure it reaches the final destination with the minimum of problems and in the quickest time possible.
Pilot licence details will be supplied (along with all relevant pilot documentation) prior to the flight to ensure total satisfaction by the client and approval by your nominated insurance company.
Our team of pilots will happily move anything from a light trainer to a medium size jet or rotorcraft. 
In the background we also have an administrative team member in place to ensure that all of the
logistical issues for a ferry flight are dealt with - items such as overfly permits, fuel uplifts and to ensure the swift resolution of the local issues during the ferry flight.
We look forward to of being of service to you.
Rob Weaver  (-FAA CPL/IR/ME/CFI/MEI-) 
The Sky Ferry Team